Cardiff The Biography, Amberley Books, October 2014

Cardiff The Biography, Amberley Books, October 2014


5/1/15: In the initial version of the book there are errors of fact in the Splott chapter. I stated wrongly that Labour councillors in Splott had supported the building of the waste incinerator, when the opposite is true: they opposed it. Far from being criticised they should have been praised for sticking to their guns and defending the people of Splott, which I am happy to do. I apologise for this amateurish and glaring mistake. Regarding the incinerator itself, I stated wrongly that it would pollute the area. There is no scientific or evidential basis for this assertion: it is a state-of-the-art facility that uses the latest techniques to ensure any emissions are merely vapour and steam. Again, I apologise for the mistake. Both blunders have been removed from subsequent prints of the book.



I started this blog in 2010 because I thought I had a book coming out imminently and someone told me every writer these days had to have an internet presence.  Publication of the ‘book’ was repeatedly delayed for all sorts of reasons (see Writing category). The years went by, I felt obliged to regularly add content, the blog kept on expanding. Slowly it dawned on me: in Wales, where there is no indigenous English-language media, the blogosphere has special responsibilities and importance. The gaping chasms that a plural press would occupy in an independent country need to be filled, and all the divergent, dissenting, non-consensual voices silenced by the London-based monopolies in control of the Welsh media need a platform.  What is taken for granted across the rest of the world is effectively non-existent in Wales.  Therefore, in this blog I grapple with many roles that are going begging, neglected or just plain absent in Welsh public discourse: sociologist, cultural critic, political commentator, historian, polemicist, satirist, lampooner, humourist, essayist, controversialist, contrarian, poet, serious writer, propagandist for Welsh independence, football reporter and urban guide – and that’s just for starters.  Readers will discover that there is no topic I consider myself unqualified to write about.  Please note, this is a blog for adults – of all ages.  When all’s said and done my subject is Wales, and if I have a theme it is this: make ’em laugh, make ’em cry, make ’em think – that’s entertainment.

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