Cardiff The Biography

Cardiff The Biography, Amberley Books, October 2014

Amberley Books  October 2014

“If you’re interested in the real Cardiff as opposed to politicians’ and marketing folks’ spin this book is a must. The humour and writing style are sheer joy if you like strongly-held opinions with an amazing breadth of knowledge of all things Cardiff.”

“Wonderfully entertaining and informative. A must-buy for anyone interested in this once-great city.”

“I bought it for my father who is interested in the history of Cardiff. He constantly rings to tell me how good it is.”

“Excellent guide to the capital of Wales, however one star is deducted because of the lack of an index.”

“Cardiff’s story related with charm, wit and unrelenting vigour – the best book about Cardiff ever!”

“Full of fascinating historical background and packed with frank comments about developments.”

“I’ve been looking for such a book about Cardiff for some time, finally here it is.”

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“One of the most enjoyable and certainly the most controversial books ever written about Cardiff…so different from any other you have read before.”

(Brian Lee, South Wales Echo)

In the initial version of the book there are errors of fact in the Splott chapter. I stated wrongly that Labour councillors in Splott had supported the building of the waste incinerator, when the opposite is true: they opposed it. Far from being criticised they should have been praised for sticking to their guns and defending the people of Splott, which I am happy to do. I apologise for this amateurish and glaring mistake.
Regarding the incinerator itself, I stated that its emissions would pollute the area. There is no scientific or evidential basis for this assertion: it is a state-of-the-art facility that uses the latest techniques to ensure any emissions are merely vapour and steam. My analysis of the incinerator project should have been restricted to questions about the generation of lorry traffic and the encouragement of a throwaway society. Again, I apologise for the mistake. Both blunders were removed from subsequent prints of the book.

The book contains a few punctuation errors, which luckily do not harm readability. However, I must point out that none of these errors were present in the original manuscript I submitted to the publisher.