Shall we dance

With apologies to George Gershwin (1898-1937 ) and Ira Gershwin (1896-1983 )

Things have come to a pretty pass
Our romance is growing flat,
For you like this and the other
While I go for this and that…

You say Gabalffa, I say Gabalva,
You say Tremorffa, I say Tremorva,
Gabalffa, Gabalva, Tremorffa, Tremorva,
Let’s call the whole thing ‘Diff.

You say gah-raj, I say garridge,
You say bah-raj, I say barridge,
Gah-raj, garridge, bah-raj, barridge,
Let’s call the whole thing ‘Diff.

But oh, if we call the whole thing ‘Diff
Then we must part,
And oh, if we ever part
Then that might break my heart.

You say Lanedin, I say Llanedurn,
You say Peneelan, I say Penuhlan,
Lanedin, Llanedurn, Peneelan, Penuhlan,
Let’s call the whole thing ‘Diff.

You say Munmuth, I say Monmuth,
You say milk two-th, I say milk tuth,
You say car-sul, I say cassle,
You say ar-sole, I say assole,
You say the Welsh Club, I say Ifor Bach,
You say the Bay, I say the dock,
You say Witherspoon, I say Weatherspoons
You say South Wales, I say Wales,
Let’s just agree to diff?

 Goodness knows what the end will be,
Oh, I don’t know where I’m at,
But there’s one thing I know for certain mate,
You’re wrong and I’m right.