Broadway lullaby

With apologies to Ron Miller (1932-2007) and Kenneth Hirsch

Hey butty, yes you butty,
Sitting on your own,
I’ve got things I want to tell you,
I’ve got seeds that must be sown.
There’s nowhere I’d rather be than a Cymru strong and just,
But our mind has blown and our spirit’s flown and our hwyl has turned to dust.

Oh, I’ve been to Maerdy and Tonypandy
And followed in Glyndŵr’s path,
I’ve broken hearts in Carmarthenshire and made love on the Garth,
I challenged power and never cowered
In the timeless fight to be free,
Yes, I stood for the underdog – but it’s been no use to me.

Hey baby, yeah you baby,
Fiddling on your phone,
I’ve got truths I need to sell you,
I’ve got plans that should be grown.
There’s nothing I’d rather do than turn your life around,
But the past’s unknown and we’re all alone and greed and hate abound.

Oh, I’ve been to Aber and Maesycwmer,
Where I rang the liberty bell,
I’ve taken ‘shrooms on Twmbarlwm and prayed at St Non’s well,
I withstood thugs and censured mugs
For the eternal right to be free,
Yes, I took the hard high road – and it’s been no good for me.

Sometimes when low I wish I’d bowed
To the prevailing winds of the age,
And sold my soul like all the whores for a slave’s complacent wage.
But I can see the pain of the human stain
So know what I’ve got to do:
Keep right on to the end of the road – until my sweet dreams come true.