Dangerous criminal at large

A reckless megalomaniac renegade is on the run following years of habitual law-breaking, deception, treachery and larceny. Cornered and desperate, the evil, corrupt, crypto-fascist has gone on a destructive rampage doing whatever it takes to save his skin. Approach with extreme caution, he has no shame, no conscience, no principles and will stop at nothing. Don’t bother calling the police, they are his private army. Don’t bother notifying the mass media, it is all owned and controlled by the billionaires who put and sustain him in power. People in England, who have always voted for ignorant Tory thugs, will just have to endure him until they develop the basic intelligence, decency and backbone to get rid of the “complete fuckwit” (©Dominic Cummings). Good luck with that! People in Wales, though, do not have to be subject to the colonial shackles of these bastards for ever more. We have an alternative: complete independence from the wicked, murderous, violent, inept, rotten to the core, totally discredited British state. It cannot come soon enough. CYMRU RHYDD!!

Picture: edtvproductions