Independence march

We have never voted for them, they couldn’t run a whelk-stall, yet we let the ignorant, venal, corrupt, incompetent, absurd English Tories possess and run Wales. We are their oldest colony: invaded, slaughtered, enslaved, seized by force after a 250-year war of resistance and then illegally annexed. Their long rule has been catastrophic in every regard, and just keeps getting worse and worse. Who the hell in their right mind would want these terrible, destructive far-right thugs to have any say whatsoever in their nation’s affairs?

These are some of the more noteworthy areas of Welsh life controlled by the London government:
Economic, fiscal and monetary policy
Exchequer, budgets and expenditure
Finance, financial services and financial markets
Banking and currency
Constitutional matters and elections
Civil service
Criminal law
Policing and public order
Prisons and offender management
Courts, tribunals, judiciary, legal proceedings, legal aid, coroners and arbitration
International relations and treaties
Defence, security, armed forces and the making of peace or war
International trade and import and export control
Electricity, gas, oil, coal and nuclear energy
Traffic, rail, ports, air, navigation, coastguards and vehicle & driver registration
Social security, national insurance, child support and pensions
Employment, unemployment and training
Industrial relations and trade unions
Statistics and censuses
Land registry
Infrastructure planning
Regulation of businesses, insolvency and competition
Regulation of the professions
Health & safety, consumer protection, product standards and weights & measures
Drugs, firearms, betting, alcohol, hunting, prostitution, Sunday trading, pubs
Copyright, public lending right and intellectual property
Broadcasting, film classification, telecommunications and postal services
Access to information, data protection, personal data and public records
Marriage, family relationships, child welfare and gender recognition
Registration of births, deaths, marriages, civil partnerships and places of worship
Medicines and medical supplies
Abortions, transplants, embryology, surrogacy and genetics
Equal opportunities
Ordnance Survey
Bank holidays
Time and calendars

The strictly limited, partial, contingent and perpetually threatened devolution that exists counts for nothing when set against this vast array of basic, integral powers wielded by Westminster. Only independence can unshackle us from the utterly undemocratic and discredited toxic UK. Then, at long last, Cymru could halt the centuries of abuse, create our own society, live by our own values and priorities, set our own trajectory into the future and join the world’s family of 195 nations.

Join Cymru’s ever-growing movement for independence! Come to the independence march in Cardiff on Saturday October 1st!*

*Starts Windsor Place, 12 noon