On Liz Truss quitting

With apologies to E.J.Thribb (age 17½)

So, farewell then
Ms Truss.
You will go down in history.
Having lasted just 45 days,
You are the shortest serving UK Prime Minister
Of all time.
You had a briefer shelf life
Than an iceberg lettuce!
Good grief, you didn’t even have
Time to pick your own swastika-patterned wallpaper!

Keith’s mum calls you
All fur and no knickers but
Auntie Daphne says you’re simply a

Your blend of epic stupidity,
Unbridled malevolence,
Staggering arrogance,
Swivel-eyed fanaticism,
Contempt for democracy,
Scary totalitarianism,
Towering self-delusion
And reckless incompetence
Has inflicted calamitous
Damage and chaos,
Imposed untold hardship,
Ensured years of mass suffering,
Destroyed what’s left of public services
And made the UK the laughing stock of the world.

You set out to disrupt and destroy –
And you sure delivered!

Why, you were so toxic that
Even the Queen took
One look at you
And lost the will to live!

What next?
Hmm, that’s difficult when you have no discernible talents or
Transferable skills.
But since you’re so keen on
Perpetual growth and consumption
Unhindered by pesky laws and regulations,
There might be an opening
For a freedom-fighter like you
Sifting through raw sewage
Down at Deptford Creek.
Then you will have found your level.