Come to Cardiff!

Having written a mighty tome about Cardiff, a street-by-street trudge from Mavrid Woodbury to Little Greenlane Reen, from Castell Morgraig to The Gut (yes, they all exist), I am in a better position than, ooh, about 6 billion other humans to pronounce on the bloody place. For full, intimate, no-stone-unturned analysis purchase Cardiff The Biography (I’m beginning to get the hang of this marketing lark). Part of the book divides the city into 15 areas and examines their pasts, presents and futures. Here is a pithy, elliptical snapshot of each:

  • Adamsdown   Jailhouse rock
  • Butetown   Cardiff-Sub-Mare
  • Canton   Heaven lies about us
  • Cathays   University of life
  • City Centre  Concrete and clay
  • East  Not Newport
  • Gabalfa  Fly
  • Grangetown  Got any green?
  • Llandaf  Curate’s egg
  • North  Ol’ man river
  • North-East  Exurbia
  • North-West  Morgannwg
  • Roath  Meet you at the white wall
  • Splott  Cardiff’s credentials
  • West  Follow the sun

All roads lead to Gabalfa