Book Launch!

I’ve published an ebook, titled Unofficial Cardiff: Pubs & Clubs, the first in a series of ebooks I intend to release under the Unofficial Cardiff umbrella. The second, Shops & Restaurants, should be out in November.   

This one is a complete catalogue of the 207 currently operating Cardiff pubs and bars. Each is assessed, given a rating from 5 to zero stars and crammed with the fact-packed potted histories, scathing social commentary, ferocious criticisms and very dubious jokes that regular readers of this blog have come to expect. In addition, every nightclub is mercilessly reviewed, all the social clubs are checked out and I throw in the story of brewing in Cardiff for good measure.  The price is a piddling £3.99 – not enough for a pint in some city centre bars.

Which pubs got 5 stars? And which got zero?

How can you resist?

The ideal gift for locals, visitors, tourists, stag’n’hen dos, pub-crawls, students and dipsomaniacs alike (I think that covers every demographic), this venture is the last throw of the dice in my brilliant writing career. Like all my previous projects, it will no doubt be a big flop. Perhaps I’m unpublishable; perhaps I’m unreadable; perhaps I’m crap. I don’t know and, to tell you the truth, don’t care. I only hope that I can recoup some of the vast costs of eight years’ work on a Cardiff book that never went to print (Print? Pah! How old school!). Who knows, if sales are respectable, I might even be able to keep on writing. In my most optimistic moments I dream of enough revenue to cover the price of a one-way ticket to the Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland – but I mustn’t get over-ambitious and greedy. Yes, you have just read the first Suicide-Threat-Sales-Pitch in marketing history! Now there’s an incentive to buy!  Hey…I’m warming to this racket, I mean trade.

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