Wylfa Newydd

The UK government wants to build a new nuclear power station on Anglesey: Wylfa Newydd.


Sky splits, brighter than a thousand suns,
Metal melts,
X-ray lovers char in thermal pulse.

A giant fist grabs the hills and squeezes,
People pulp,
Memories howl in idiot wind.

Ynys Môn shrieks in vaporised grief,
Mushroom murk,
Human fallout taps on bunker roof.

Cancel all engagements.
Make no more arrangements.
Mam Cymru’s final song.

Four minutes don’t take long.

If we ignore the abyss at our feet
And let our ideals fade and grow obscure,
If we concede another sad defeat
We swallow lethal poison with no cure.

For the campaign against Wylfa Newydd see http://stop-wylfa.org/wp/