Ireland 0 Wales 0

It’s a long way to Russia ’18,
Group D’s just half way through,
Best to stay near a handy latrine,
For when you need a sudden poo!
Goodbye constipation,
Farewell gas and air!
It’s a long way to Russia ’18,
So crap like a bear!

O Seamus boy, the Welsh, we Welsh are wailing,
From crumbling street to budget superstore.
Your leg is bust and Ireland’s lost its captain,
It’s that what matters, not the bloody draw.
And when you rage and label him a jackal,
And when you curse the cruel stabs of pain,
Remember this: Taylor could never tackle,
He meant no harm and won’t wear the Red again.

When Irish eyes are smiling,
Sure ’tis not a pretty sight,
Now they have a four point cushion,
And we face an uphill fight.
Next up are tricky Serbia –
Never easy at their place –
And now them Serbs are smirking,
Cos we cannot play our ace.