A message to our visitors
Neges at ein ymwelwyr
Un messagio ai nostri visitatori
Un mensaje a nuestros visitantes

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We are very sorry
Rydym yn ddrwg iawn
Siamo molto dispiaciuti
Lo sentimos mucho.

This is necessarily brief as I must vacate the premises shortly. I’m off to live in a makeshift bivouac in Tremorfa Park for five days while I rent the house out to four hairy-arsed Torinesi ‘businessmen’ (£5k all in – I’m not greedy like some I could mention). I just hope a) it doesn’t rain and b) they don’t nick my valuables – a Maesteg Park Athletic v Newtown programme from the opening Saturday of the League of Wales in 1992 and an irreplaceable pair of heavy-duty tweezers for when rogue earlobe-hairs sprout.