If I ruled the world

With apologies to Leslie Bricusse and Cyril Ornadel (1924-2011) – and not forgetting Harry Secombe (1921-2001)

♫ ♫ ♫

If I ruled the world
Fascist pigs from every lamppost would swing,
Burning tyres would hang from fat-cats (not bling),
And we’d dance to the screams of each tyrant and king.

If I ruled the world
Every inch would be communally owned,
All stolen lands would be returned and atoned,
Private wealth and mass poverty would be dethroned.

My world would be a serious place
Where we would work to save this dear Earth,
My world would wipe the smirk from man’s face –
Since extinction is no cause for mirth.

If I ruled the world
Everyone would fight the greed and the hate,
There’d be sanity and no nightmare fate…
Quick comrades, before it’s far too late.

Pictures: discogs, public domain