Looking for a home

Alun is an excitable, high-maintenance cairn terrier/miniature shihtzu cross of low pedigree looking for a loving home after his previous owners abandoned him in a Cowbridge wheelie-bin. Can you help? He will need patient but strict owners to retrain him from scratch since he is prone to making a mess everywhere and his ceaseless high-pitched yapping is hard to bear. Being so small, Alun is nervous and cowering when with dominant dogs, especially in-bred English mastiffs with prominent bollocks. This can get him into trouble, as can his snarling hostility when among timid little bitches and his outright aggression when in the proximity of over-rich treats. Thus he should be kept on his own in an outdoor kennel, tethered to a post and fed the occasional scraps of chicken-feed. Will you find it in your heart to re-home this quirky character? You can have him for absolutely nothing, with pooper-scooper included!

Picture: Ajaxcapetown