This land

With apologies to Woody Guthrie (1912-1967)

This land’s not your land, this land’s not my land
From Capel Curig to Barry Island,
From the Wentwood forest to the Menai waters;
This land’s been robbed from you and me.

This land’s possessed land, this land’s suppressed land
From the Crown Estate to the MOD,
From second-home ghost town to privatised city;
This land has no autonomy.

This land’s abused land, this land’s misused land
From ransacked valleys to theme-park chalets,
From vast poultry sheds to conifer deserts;
This land’s a tragic travesty.

This land’s a bad land, this land’s a sad land
From crumbling slag-heaps to nuclear dumps,
From drowned villages to tourist board pillages;
This land’s an eco catastrophe.

The time is long past for us to stand fast
Against exploiters and land-grabbers,
Evict the British and their stooges
And set poor Cymru free for you and me.