Thorne and Virgo: the halcyon days

It’s a long red Willie.

He can play it as a shot to nothing and get back to baulk if he avoids the blue.

Key shot…brilliant!

He played it a bit too well. He’s on nothing, tight to the baulk cushion.

That’s a delicate little roll-up behind the yellow. Jimmy’s snookered on all balls.

There’s an easy escape, nestling against the pack of reds.

Where’s the cue ball going!?!

Nothing’s pottable-inable, Terry’s putting him back in.

This time Jimmy’s played it perfect

It’s a touching ball. Terry can put him in trouble again behind the yellow.

Not straightforward, awkward bridging and he must avoid the middle pocket.

Ooh, I don’t know what went wrong there John but he’s left the cue ball well short of the baulk line and Jimmy will fancy one of these colours out in the open.

He can’t decide whether to go for the pink or the brown. 

He’s got the angle on the brown to play it plain-ball and get onto that loose red above the black. Key shot here.

Ooh, it rattled in the jaws and wiped its feet but it went in and he’s on that red! 

He’ll want to leave a quarter-ball angle on the black so he can go into the pack and release some of those reds. Ahh, he’s a bit straight. He’s going to have to play it with lots of bottom and check-side. Tricky shot.

Unlucky. He only brushed the pack and he’s left himself betwixt and between. There is a difficult red available nearest the pink Willie. What would you do?

It’s fraught with danger John and it’s a fine cut. I’d bet my house Jimmy will opt for safety – if it hadn’t been repossessed already!

Well it looks like the Whirlwind is going for it! Key moment here in this massive frame! You can hear a pin drop in the Crucible!

Jimmy will be relieved he got a fortuitous kiss off the blue. He’s left nothing easy.

Terry’s eyeing up this long tempter. Amazing! He’s not only on the black he’s also released a few more reds!

If he minds his work and plays a series of little stuns, screws and cannons around the black spot, this could be end of frame John.

Ooh! He got a kick! He’s asking for the white to be cleaned.

There’s still a pottable red down the rail. Ah, good pot but now he’s the wrong side of the blue. If he wants to continue this break he will have to go round the houses, play an up-an-downer in and out of baulk and pray the Snooker Gods are on his side.

Amazing! That’s what we call a cocked-hat double. Naughty Snooker!

He’s looking at a possible plant here John. It’s high risk, but if it comes off the frame’s at his mercy. Hmm…it was never really on.

The cue-ball has gone fairly safe but Terry’s left a long red right over the corner pocket. Massive shot coming up.

Jimmy’s just got to avoid the dreaded double kiss.

Oh Willie! He’s followed through! 

Thinks: I could go on in this vein for a lot longer, but that’s surely enough.