Yet another one

Can’t go out (too cold), can’t do gardening work (too cold), can’t blog (too cold) – but I can rustle up another fiendish crossword in my mittens.  I promise it will be the last (for a while).  Hints for those unaccustomed to cryptic crosswords:  don’t read the clues literally, they are full of red herrings to distract you from the definition part which directly suggests the answer and the cryptic part which tells you how to get that answer; ignore punctuation put there to confuse or make the clue grammatical, but don’t ignore punctuation put there to suggest ambiguity or levity; and the definitions are not always straightforward – lateral thinking and familiarity with this blog and my twisted mind would help.

another xword

CLUES (for extra difficulty, one solution is “wrong” – something must be done)  

9 Old boy vowed: I shall tidy mess, definitely (9)
10 Bard spent youth in Aberystwyth and understood referendum options (5)
11 Wherein Meurig ogled Dinbych? (7)
12 They freeze up north (7)
13 In Ely there are three ways you hear to get expensive venison, love (5)
14 See 1
16 How apt: Swansea side’s staggering like a Wind Street drunkard! (2,6,2,1,4)
19 From Anna and Delia it leads to only Alfred (5,4)
21 Horseowner shipped minced meat joint (5)
22 Rather fat and hefty, and minus a chromosome: that’s my flower! (3,4)
23 Went on too long, fled behind the other 23 (7)
24 Late docking of qualification we have (1,4)
25 Lamentable clue could be left out (DT jitters – it can be changed later) (9)

1, 14 across, 20 With huge teeth in, have mashed potato. What a drag! (4,6,3,6,6)
2 Dropped in at Pantglas for bloody ages. Help! (8)
3 See 23 down
4 Oscar took drug, went mad (4)
5 One track film review: rubbish idea (10)
6 Sweet Twiggy spent 100 for gas in Bay street (8)
7 Tell them where to go in Welsh (2,4)
8 Bugger me backwards from below, Welsh style! (4)
14 pH of about 50%; why eat harvest? (3,7)
15 She hung about with Lawrence inside O’Neill’s? (10)
17 Abertawe’s no-British revolution is Cardiff’s loss (8)
18 The poetry of Dick’s organ??! (1,1,6)
20 See 1
21  Not for the in-crowd, lass ends fads (6)
22 Abolished in 1905, nowt disturbed (4)
23,3 Use eye, fifth brother.  Where’s our answer? (4,2,4)