Trying to make a difference

A loose collective of Welsh people, fed up with the lack of an indigenous, independent newspaper in Wales, decided to start one themselves. Over the years many had pointed out and bemoaned this crippling absence in Welsh life; but nothing had ever been done. Despite not having two brass farthings between them, and despite their already complicated and over-stretched lives, these people launched their brave and possibly foolhardy online venture on March 1st. It’s called the Daily Wales.


Oh, forgot to mention, one of those idiots is me…

As we get through the first week, I’m discovering the truth in that old maxim: if you want something done, ask a busy person. The more I do, the more I can do. I’m barely out of second gear and will comfortably rise to the challenge. I once picked turnips for a living; this is a breeze.

Amongst our many long-term aims we want to unplug the silenced voices of Wales, tap into all the unearthed talent and promote originality and creativity. So if there are any readers who have anything whatsoever to say pertinent to Wales, get writing and send it in!