Hoots mon

The Scottish referendum result is deeply disappointing: a major blow to the cause of freedom world-wide and a totally undeserved stay of execution for the rotten British State. But nevertheless a 45% Yes vote in a huge turn-out has to be seen as a major advance along Scotland’s road to independence. A generation ago there was barely any support at all in Scotland for complete secession from the UK, and even as recently as a year ago only 25% were in favour. The argument has been comprehensively won and now it’s only a question of how soon the talented new wave of Scottish patriots can hammer the message home as the UK flounders from one crisis to the next over the coming years, while waiting for the brainwashed pro-Union demographic to die out (under-30s were overwhelming pro and over-70s were overwhelmingly anti). It took 18 years to increase the 1979 Scottish devolution No vote by 23% and transform it into the resounding Yes of 1997; after a shorter period we can expect the mass movement for Scottish freedom to have comfortably gained the mere 6% needed to win the next independence referendum.

The UK’s days are numbered alright; it’s just a pity we aren’t pissing on its grave right now. But such a voracious, omniverous behemoth was never going to obligingly curl up and die, and sure enough the full apparatus of the British State and all its apologists, fellow travellers, clients, minions and agents was hurled at Scotland. ‘Better Together’ had unlimited resources, allowing them to outspend the Yes campaign fourfold and thus effectively buy votes – how very British. On top of this the entire mainstream British media, from the BBC to Sky, from the Guardian to the Daily Mail, opposed independence, as did all the stinkingly corrupt British Nationalist parties, Conservative, Labour, LibDem and UKIP, and all the discredited supra-national power blocs to which Westminster long since meekly handed over the UK’s prostituted sovereignty: the EU, NATO, the G7, the IMF and the USofA. The argument put by the No campaign was quite straightforward: if you vote for independence Jock we will bankrupt you, we will strip you of finance, employment and investment, we will refuse to trade with you, we will boycott you, we will bar you from international bodies, we will force up your food prices and starve you…only just falling short of an outright declaration of war! These threats, let us remind ourselves, were being made by one part of our supposedly cuddly, decent, beneficial Union of togetherness against another! The extreme, negative, hostile scaremongering was very revealing: the British State showing its true thuggish face to fellow ‘Britons’ and admitting that the ‘Union’ is a fiction. And just in case the scales weren’t tipped enough in their favour, the Brits could always rely on a tried-and-trusted old strategy when all else failed: vote-rigging. It is gradually emerging from a host of sources and witnesses that there was massive and systematic fraudulent voting in Scotland last week. Put NOTHING past the bastards – and don’t expect an enquiry any time soon.

The No campaign could also call on a long list of ‘celebrity’ backers to sway those Scots who have blown out enough brain-cells on the Tennent’s Super over the years to be impressed. Come to think of it, being told like a battered wife that it’s better to stick with the devil you know by the likes of this lot probably added a percentage point or two to the Yes vote, so I mustn’t carp. Actually, I must. I’m in the mood for levity. Let’s go through the complete list in alphabetical order:
David Aaronovitch – Has journeyed from juvenile Marxism via Blairite drone and main cheerleader for the illegal Iraq war to Murdoch hack.
Jenny Agutter – Posh daughter of the Raj who got lucky with The Railway Children, OBE.
Ben Ainslie – Apparently this super-rich Englander won some medals for sailing yachts. He was duly knighted.
Kriss Akabusi – Uprooted, abandoned, fostered, abused, British Army, running, grinning, God. Bless.
Roger Allam – Londoner, son of the High Anglican cloth, another luvvie.
Kirstie Allsop – Millionaire property-porn Tory, papa was a Baron don’t you know…
Alexander Armstrong – Alleged comedian who rode the gravy train that leads directly from Cambridge Footlights to unfunny panel games on the BBC.
David Attenborough –  Having spent a lifetime giving a false picture of an idyllic planet, this Establishment Institution is an endangered species himself.

…On second thoughts, this is going to take forever – that’s just the letter A and there are over 200 more posh, privately-educated, English millionaires cut from precisely the same cloth as those eight to succinctly put down! I shall keep my powder dry and pick them off one by one in future blogs…

And yet, despite all this, the Yes vote fell just 400,000 votes short of an incredible victory. The independence genie is out of the lamp. The tides of history have turned on these islands. At long last the UK is beginning to crack. I’m optimistic. Cymru Rydd!