A Cardiff playlist

For my 250th blog, some light musical entertainment:

Track 1:  THE AUTOMATIC  Monster   What’s that coming over the Wenallt?

Track 2:  LLWYBR LLAETHOG   Satta Ym Mhontcanna   Mortimer Road (CF11).

Track 3:  SHIRLEY BASSEY   Big Spender   A girl’s gotta pay the rent…

Track 4:  ACID CASUALS   132a Column Road   Colum > Column.


Track 5:  MANIC STREET PREACHERS   Cardiff Afterlife   We are mortal!

Track 6:  DEVINE & STATTON  Turn The Aerials Away From England   Analogue action.

Track 7:  BUDGIE   Breadfan   Greed isn’t good.

Track 8:  HIGH CONTRAST   Global Love   Can’t fault it.

Track 9:  BEATBOX FOZZY   Untitled   On the grass.

Track 10: HEATHER JONES   Colli Iaith   What’s been lost.

Track 11: THE HENNESSYS   Tiger Bay   Sea of adventure.

Track 12: THE BYRDS   The Bells Of Rhymney  The only transatlantic hit to name-check Cardiff!

Track 13: MOIRA & THE MICE   Sight And Sound   Newport Road on speed.

Track 14: IAN DURY   Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll   …to Shops & Duds & Rack & Ruin.

Track 15: JOHN McCORMACK   Keep The Home Fires Burning   I’m doing my best Ivor.

Track 16: CARDIFF ARMS PARK CROWD  (1968)   God Save The Queen/Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau   Tidy.