With apologies to Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

If the Yanks can fail to get the win they must
And only draw, not having soccer sussed,
If likewise poor Iran’s efforts turn to dust
While Ayatollahs wait to do their worst;
If those two monsters cancel each other out
So Iran has four points and US three,
Then Cymru might still be in with a faint shout
If England haven’t bribed the referee.

If Ramsey can shine and prove his critics wrong,
If Bale can once more scale the dizzy heights,
If Allen can find a glorious swan song,
The stars align and we could beat the shites.
If the other game’s drawn, 1-0 will suffice,
Nick a goal then defend to the last ditch.
Cymru’s used to constant attacks from the Sais,
If we stand firm we can conquer the pitch.

If, mind you, Iran or US win their match,
Cymru must win by four goals or go home.
If you think that is likely, there’s a small catch:
It has never happened yet (see my tome).
If you are inclined to optimism bias
And wear a cheerful facade just to cope,
If you think positivity makes you pious
I’ve got bad news: heartbreak’s born of hope.

If there is no miracle our road is run
And the curtain falls on a golden age,
If we shed the odd tear regrets there are none;
At long last we appeared on the world stage.
If this Cymru pride can be a foundation
For progress in the next generation,
If we can free our land from occupation
We shall become a true, proper nation.