An execrably tasteless farewell to Lady Muck

Somewhat after Nigel Jenkins (1949-2014) of George Thomas (1909-1997)

Lady Muck, Wales rejoice, is dead.
White man’s Brit
And arriviste snob not for turning,
Power-suited in royal blue,
May her handbag garrotte her.

O Death! You’ve made the world a better place
Now that we’re rid of this snooty daddy’s girl,
Duchess of Disgust,
The self-loathing mediocrity and penis worshipper
Whose fucked-up misogyny made her more male than the males.

Warmongering, Victorian,
The higher she climbed the posher the voice,
She shat on the people
And smashed their communities
And smirked as the song of the miners was drowned.

No, no, no, no, no,
Her shrill preening bulldog unintelligentsia
Made this Murdoch Hell.
There is an alternative –
Her head on a spear.

Alone and demented in a suite at the Ritz,
The strangled Lincolnshire peasant vowels returned
And her wish came true – no society.
For herself she had tears,
And she ruined my life.